My name is Anabela. I smile most of the time.  I’m above all a happy and good person.

I was born in a family where my mother has a paralysis, my father a speech problem, and my brother a hearing problem. Me? I walk too much, I run too much, I talk too much, I listen too much, I think too much and I feel too much.

Nowadays, my objetive as a professional is to work with people (and organizations) who are good: Good people and good organizations.

I believe in simple, functional and successful people management processes.

I find it hard to talk about myself, with exemption, here I share the biographical notes and the route notes that I share with my clients:

I’ve traveled through many countries, about 50 until today and met many people and many places. I learned from all the people I observed and from all the people I talked to.

I have worked more permanently in Portugal, Belgium, the USA and Angola. At this moment, I work in the area of people management (Human Resources), as a trainer (area which I particularly like), coaching (area in which  I really believe) and mentoring. I also write, I love writing.

I have taken on different roles and collaborated with companies in different maturity levels, both in a national and international environment.

I have been performimg tasks related to: Talent management and inherent tasks; human resource management in a broad sense and training and development.

Academically, I studied law at the University of Coimbra (and worked in the same University for about 6 years), but it was in Psychology, in Oporto that I found my true vocation.

I am certified in Coaching, in NLP and I study a little more each every day. Each day I see and listen a little more so I become more cultivated and conscious.

Whilst a volunteer in human rights education, I usually tell them that: The more we know and feel, the less we’re misled.

I face each and every day with an enormous joy which can easily be seen and felt!

Ask me as many questions as you like!

Ask for my CV, my Certificates, everything you need!

I am not certified in:

my ability to analyze

my ability to work

my ability to motivate

my ability to implement simple things

my ability to write

my ability to see

my ability to listen

my creativity

and more things…

Shall we talk?