The hidden secret of recruitment and the five reasons for it to happen

Human resources consultants and recruiters who dedicate themselves to recruitment and  talent management keep searching for tools to legitimise the good choices of professional, competent and honest people for the jobs they have in their portfolio for their clients.

Many people apply for highly qualified training in order to undergo behavioural tests such as DISC or personality tests such as MBTI, body language training, micro facial expressions, language patterns, among many others micro facial expressions and they do very well because, in fact the learning library on human beings will always be unlimited and never ending.

Legitimising all  sorts of training, (of which I am a great fan),  I do believe that good training, good education (at home, high school and university) can really change the world. Whatever the subject may be, when properly discussed always has as a resolution the issue of education/training (or the lack of it). I do encourage them to continue to do so, with competent, knowledgeable, curious and qualified trainers.

However, I think I have discovered the hidden secret of good recruitment and probably because it is so very simple, it’s been slipping our minds.

Ten years as a human resouces consultant, thinking hard of good solutions for human resources  frequent questions such as: Fit recruitment; engagement; compensation and benefits (recently, the emotional salary); among others equally necessary I did understand a pattern: people of faith (no matter if religiously related or not. We can also name it hope) , with their own motivation (not self-motivation as frequently called – there is no such thing. When we talk of motivating, it is always ours, always self). Resilience (same as used in materials engineering – the ability to stretch a material and get it back to it’s original shape), endurance (just like putting up an event like Paris-Dakar and all that is needed for it to take place,  inside an enterprise) and above all, with presence (like a person who supports a losing club but keeps going to the stadium to watch the matches). These are the 5 reasons which explain and support what I will say next: When hiring staff for your company or organization, hire only Sporting  club supporters!

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a Blue Girl (a Porto supporter) so I speak against myself but in fact, this is the standard, the pattern: highly trained people within the football culture are really people of faith/hope (have always played on the field, in the green), people who are very motivated to watch matches and who transpose it to everyday life as well; resilient people – they won’t give up or fall if their club does; they permanently endure. Even if they are aching and sore from the last “battle”, they will come again next time with their high hopes that this time will be better, they can survive the constant criticism, the memes, the jokes, their crazy presidents and above all, they show up with great presence because they never abandon their beloved club!

It might sound as a joke and above all highly discriminatory and indeed it is. But I am allowed to do it because I have been paying close attention and watched the standards.

I can do it mainly because I like football and I have learned a lot about watching football matches. I have learned that a woman should be quiet, she will always be underestimated when it comes to game analysis. I have also learned about fair-play, mostly when considering  the game –  playing with the on the feet and the emotional game. Being blue, I respect green and I respect red and I respect black and white and especially the black on white.

Well now, putting jokes aside, recruit on this base and you will always succeed:

  • Benchmark faith/hope: apply Dantesque, catastrophic company actions, sell the immediate insolvency of the enterprise and see if your staff are people of faith that can actually make a difference in it’s recovery.
  • Motivated people: work employees personal side, what makes them be who they are, their stories and the stories within the stories. You already have their resumé, right? Please take a good look at the person.
  • Measure their endurance: their personal persistence standards say what kind of professionals they are, pay attention tio their persistence, whether in life, in companies, in wanting, in knowing and above all in their will to change!
  • Measure resilience: a misspoken or misspelled word can change things forever. Select resilient people, those who won’t change after receiving an e-mail containing a stronger or more emotional message, but who in an analytical manner won’t give in and understand contexts and come back to themselves after realizing so;
  • Check presence: nowadays everything is a good excuse not to work. Absenteeism is a frequent occurrence in many companies and organizations: either it’s a child, a flu, Covid19, a tummy ache and above all the discouragement. In a clearly and unjudgmentally way, try to find out what is really the matter and work on the attendances.

Hire Sporting club supporters.

Hire Benfica club supporters who bravely hold the red flag they carry on their chests to be Sporting supporters.

Hire the blue, the skies and seas immensity, the strategic played on the field to become Sporting supporters.

Don’t hire Boa Vista supporters. If you have to go for the color, hire Briosa!

I’m just kidding, I just had to mention this because I’ve seen so many football matches for free just because I was wearing an academic suit. Thanks, so much Briosa!

Hire good people and do your best for them every day.

At work, in life and in football, everything is 50%/50% and it will only work in this proportion. Did you really want to hire the person? Do something to show it every day. Did the person want the job? If so, e person should show it every day.

This is how we build our club within our organizations and you know what? If you do that, you will win the Champions!

Published at Linkedin on 28th of May 2020

Anabela dos Reis Moreira
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Viajou por muitos países, conheceu muitas pessoas e muitos lugares. Aprendeu com todas as pessoas que observou e com quem conversou. Trabalhou em Portugal, na Bélgica, nos EUA e em Angola. Hoje desenvolve o seu trabalho na área da gestão de pessoas (recursos humanos), formação, coaching e mentoring. E escrita, adora escrever. Assumiu diferentes funções e colaborou com empresas em diferentes estados de maturação, quer em ambiente nacional, quer internacional. Desempenhou funções relacionadas com: gestão do talento e tarefas inerentes; gestão de recursos humanos em sentido lato e formação e desenvolvimento. A nível académico, estudou direito na Universidade de Coimbra, mas foi em Psicologia e no Porto que encontrou a sua verdadeira vocação. É certificada em Coaching, PNL e estuda todos os dias mais um pouco, vê mais um pouco, ouve mais um pouco para poder ser mais cultivada. Hoje gere a UpTogether Consulting e trabalha com pessoas, para pessoas. Faz programas de shaping leaders e reshaping leaders e gosta muito do que faz. Costuma dizer às crianças que forma enquanto voluntária em educação para os direitos humanos: “quando mais soubermos, quanto mais conhecemos e sentimos, menos somos enganados”. Enfrenta cada dia com uma enorme alegria que é simples de ver e sentir!

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