Personal and professional leadership of freelancers

Maybe because my parents were both government employees, during a long time in life, I thought that the solution would be to work for others…this thought made perfect sense to me and that was how I led my life for about 38 years. Be a great student, achieve good grades in order to be validated in the labour market and gain a good position working on behalf of others.

I’ve always had brilliant job experiences. Must say that I’ve been greatly spoilt as I’ve managed to take part  of very good leadership and join great teams which enabled me to learn a lot and have a huge professional growth. Nevertheless my latest experience of working on behalf of others was not a good one, in fact it was very negative. It might have been the right drive to make up my mind and decide to become a freelancer of which I am very proud of.

I wondered and realized  how  to place my name and skills in the market as I studied it and I came across quite a number of freelance work platforms, including the creative industry.

There are indeed many platforms at international level for freelances to work. I studied all national platforms and I  wouldn’t recommend many. I would highly recommend the creative industry – this platform was created in February 2016 and gathers a great number of national creative people.

All this to get to my article. The platform has a mechanism that resembles a social network – we can follow people’s work there. I began to take notice of these creative works, I started to follow them. I added and followed some people on Linkedin and on Twitter.

It allowed me to understand several things I’ll start pointing out and which are the personal leadership that freelancers necessarily have to have:

Emotional Leadership

A freelancer has to have a huge daily emotional management. Three years after working as freelancer, I realize, that the priority will always be the internal employee and, therefore, the freelancer is the independent person who does not need support. This is really great for our work, until we reach the stage that we do need support and guidance. After all we work for the client and under his vision, mission and ambition. Sometimes, this emotional management can be quite complex.

Communication Leadership

A freelancer never stay eight hours a day in a client and therefore has to maximize his time and communication so that he can be understood and can also understand what is intended. In leadership communicating is fundamental and of great importance to a freelancer.

Positive leadership

Here, I make use of the principles of positive psychology: Get up every day with the ability to manage  your time, manage several clients and also deal with the necessary delivery with a good attitude. These principales enable the freelancer to be a positive and motivational leader.

Due to the following reasons, a freelancer also has to be a leader on a professional level:

Team leadership

A freelancer is the person who interacts with several teams and at the limit, also is part of it, in a discreet but inclusive way. A Human Resources consultant freelancer, for example, will necessarily have to know and talk to people in order to draw and apply good management processes. Being an independent worker, and depending on the good attitude, you will be part of the team.

Side Leadership

There is no need of a top-down link to be a leader. Lateral leadership is one of the best forms of leadership: because you are by my side, I influence you positively so that you can become a better professional. This is what a freelancer does, a natural leader with technical expertise and resilience attitude that can be multiplied within the teams where they work.

Serving leadership

A freelancer is a leading server: listens to the client, listens to the people and serves.

Serves using competence and through attitudes. A good freelancer is also an excellent problem solver. By solving problems properly, a freelancer becomes a leader – of course these are all cumulative things.

Finally, after having watched several freelancers, I can conclude as follows:

1 – A freelancer is necessarily a LEADER!

2 – If you want an independent and initiative job, hire a LEADER Freelancer!

3 – If a company decides to hire a freelancer for its staff, it will be one of the best acquisitions ever (I find it difficult because the freedom that freelance work gives us is incredible and therefore difficult to negotiate a bound position)!

I am proud to be a freelancer and at present, I have an emotional and cultural perspective that I never had before for this sort of work

Do you somehow feel that this could be your place? Challenge the LEADER in yourself and become a freelancer.

PUBLISHED: LÍDER Magazine| Ideas which look into the future

Anabela dos Reis Moreira
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Viajou por muitos países, conheceu muitas pessoas e muitos lugares. Aprendeu com todas as pessoas que observou e com quem conversou. Trabalhou em Portugal, na Bélgica, nos EUA e em Angola. Hoje desenvolve o seu trabalho na área da gestão de pessoas (recursos humanos), formação, coaching e mentoring. E escrita, adora escrever. Assumiu diferentes funções e colaborou com empresas em diferentes estados de maturação, quer em ambiente nacional, quer internacional. Desempenhou funções relacionadas com: gestão do talento e tarefas inerentes; gestão de recursos humanos em sentido lato e formação e desenvolvimento. A nível académico, estudou direito na Universidade de Coimbra, mas foi em Psicologia e no Porto que encontrou a sua verdadeira vocação. É certificada em Coaching, PNL e estuda todos os dias mais um pouco, vê mais um pouco, ouve mais um pouco para poder ser mais cultivada. Hoje gere a UpTogether Consulting e trabalha com pessoas, para pessoas. Faz programas de shaping leaders e reshaping leaders e gosta muito do que faz. Costuma dizer às crianças que forma enquanto voluntária em educação para os direitos humanos: “quando mais soubermos, quanto mais conhecemos e sentimos, menos somos enganados”. Enfrenta cada dia com uma enorme alegria que é simples de ver e sentir!

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